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Well that was a fun morning...

And so…. After months of training and workshops with the Irish Institute of Celebrants, I’m so delighted to say today is the day I am finally now accredited with the organisation. My first blog post is posted with a feeling of joy, celebration and a little relief too.

I was first up this morning for my assessment; a mock wedding, which I'm so thrilled to have passed.

Its been an amazing journey. I’ve spent the last number of months learning about the endless possibilities of putting a ceremony together with loved up couples. I’ve been learning about rituals such as the ancient Celtic handfasting which has become very popular once again in Irish wedding ceremonies. Candle lighting rituals, sand ceremonies, ring warming, and wine box ceremonies; are just some of the rituals which prove very popular amongst couples.

I’ve been part of a super cool team too. My fellow classmates have become my ‘celebrant family’. I can’t wait to get out into the field where hopefully I get to cross paths with the team. Our class Whatsapp group has been buzzing with support, not just on the lead up to the assessment, but throughout the whole course. Thanks to everyone in the class for their support.

And thanks also to in the IIOC for the wonderful training over the last number of months. Its been a very special experience and a super learning curve.

So with this stage of my training done and dusted, I look forward to being more active on here so do keep an eye on my blog.

Don’t forget also to keep an eye out for the Winter issue of the Irish Wedding Diary. The amazing team at Irish Wedding Diary were so kind to feature a little profile on me.

Ciao for now


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